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Business Phone System 

VOISpeed Voice over Internet Protocol 
(VoIP) Soft IP PBX


VOISpeed is a complete affordable IP business phone system that integrates with - or completely replaces - conventional business phone system.

The product has taken two years to develop - and it was designed around what today's customers require: - less expensive and more flexible ways of integrating telephony with IT applications.

The product is designed to enable call centre and CRM solutions - and many network integrators and software houses are already embedding VOISpeed in their applications.

IP PBX Business Phone System - Where do you want to work today? 
The office - at home - your holiday home or the yacht !!! Find out how here

Welcome to IP Phone System, this website contains information on the VOISpeed IP Phone System which is a type of VoIP Business phone system. The purpose of the site is to demonstrate the functions and features of this powerful office IP phone system for use as an integrated business telephone system.

The main difference between soft and hard IP PBX systems.. click here

For the advantages of a Soft IP PBX click here

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Rackmount or standard desktop enclosures available

Small Business Phone System

The VOISpeed business phone system is perfect for small, medium or even large companies to use as their business phone system. The phone system is completely adaptable in terms of how many users you can have. If you need four users, simply purchase four USB phones and if you need more, purchase more. It really couldn't be more simple.

When you set up the IP phone system you have full control over your users phone settings, so can choose to switch certain functions off that could be abused. You can also choose to bar certain numbers for each user. If you don't want your users to be able phone mobiles you can ban all calls that start with 07 and the same for premium rate by barring all 09 numbers.

FREE calls to your colleagues mobiles from the landline. A fact that businesses suffer high calling rates when contacting their employees on the road. We can install a unit that utilises your mobile providers 'call you colleague for FREE' service to allow for free calls from your office to your mobiles.

When calling your customers, you can send the call via your broadband connection to a provider offering massive discounts against BT or other providers. You can call a customers mobile for as little as 0.35 pence.. YES, a call to a mobile for less than half a penny a minute.


Choose the cheapest route for the call depending on time of day
or number the call is intended for

Business Phone System History

For such a long time the traditional IP PBX phone system was the only choice if you wanted a phone system that enabled your office to have a switchboard. Being able to transfer calls from reception to any department at the press of a button is essential for any company with more than one member of staff. The IP PBX phone system was the only way of achieving this goal and was also very expensive to purchase due to being completely hardware based. With advances in technology happening on a daily basis, it was only going to be a matter of time before the IP PBX business phone system became an inferior business phone system for the office.

Business Phone System, The Present

The VOISpeed IP Phone System is a software based business telephone system that runs on your PC or PC network that enables your office to have an advanced phone system at a fraction of the cost of a traditional IP PBX phone system. Although the IP phone system is far more affordable than the old IP PBX phone system it is also far more capable due to being software based and designed to perform in what we now call the information age. IP business phone systems have an almost limitless amount of features and functions and can be programmed to complete almost any task imaginable.

The VOISpeed IP phone system is truly an amazing piece of kit and we hope you have a great time finding out all of the great benefits as much as we have.

More importantly, we hope you enjoy reading this VOISpeed IP phone system information website and are able to find what you were looking for, enjoy!


Homeworker solutions

Is your company being held back in allowing employees to work from home because they have no access to your internal telephone network?

If so, VoiSpeed is the answer...

Allow home workers to connect to the system working on a live extension
voicemail messages arriving in their inbox as e-mail


Remote office solutions

Do you need to connect a remote office, holiday home or even a boat to your phone system?

Using satellite broadband it is easy and reliable.. Giving you FREE phone calls internally and to be able to make calls from the main business office.


A Phone System Perfect for Small business 2 to 8 ISDN Lines

Because the VOISpeed IP business phone system is less expensive than a traditional business phone system, it is the perfect choice for a small business business phone system. Whether your a new company looking for an entry level office business phone system or looking to expand from a standard one line connection to ISDN, the VOISpeed IP business business phone system is simply perfect and will also expand with your business.

Starting with 2x ISDN cards offing 2 voice lines, which can be easily upgraded to handle up to 120 lines.

Medium Sized Phone System for business 4 to 30 ISDN Lines

Because the VOISpeed IP business phone system is software based, it means however many users you need, you can have. If you need 100 users you simply purchase the business phone system with 100 headsets or 100 handsets. When you need to upgrade  the system or even downgrade it, you can just by either adding more users by purchasing more headsets or to downgrade, simply delete the users who you want to go.

Install ISDN card to handle from 4 to 60 voice lines.

Large Business Phone System for business 30 to 120 ISDN Lines

The VOISpeed IP business phone system is the most versatile phone system we have ever used and believe it will change the way companies use and purchase their business phone system solution. The business phone system can operate almost any function as standard so tracking calls, controlling calls and recording calls, all of which are very important to large companies can be conducted with ease.

VOISpeed can be used to connect multiple offices together as well. This method of connecting remote offices also benefits the company by being able route calls via the internet, producing free calls between each office on the phone network.

By installing 2x 30 channel ISDN cards, this system can handle up to 120 incoming lines...

Call Centre System

The VOISpeed is capable of handling many calls, you can send calls to technical, sales or accounts depending on how the customer dialed in using DDI, otherwise let the auto attendant deal with the call freeing up employees for other duties. The IVR system is menu driven to push calls to the correct department of your business. On arrival, if your team are busy the call is held until a team member is free to take it.

If you are using a database of customers, it is also possible that as the call is answered the calling number has been matched to your data base records and the customers details are already on screen without ever having to ask the customer for their details.


Look at these great features!

Free extension licences.. Add as many extensions as you require, all in the cost of the V3 module
Free soft phone software to run on your PC, SIP (network) handsets, USB to standard BT phone adaptors also available
No additional wiring - it runs on the LAN, or a Wi-Fi 
Free inter-site calls over a WAN or VPN 
Free Voicemail with IVR
Free 2-way call recording 
Integrates with traditional business phone systems through So bus working 
Instant Messaging - send discrete messages to colleagues on the
business phone system
IP Gateway version for ISPs 
Ability to subscribe to a SIP carrier for cheap outbound calls via the Internet
Outlook Integration with new Outlook Code
WiFi IP Phone
Intelligent call management system, direct dial in or via a menu system to direct calls to the correct people via
Auto Attendant
Easy administration without the need for a specialist IP PBX programmer
FREE mobile calls to your employees, with O2 you call your company mobiles for FREE. Install GSM call routing to allow FREE office to mobile, and mobile to office calls.
Ability to record every single call into or out of your business.

VOISpeed is an affordable software based IP IP PBX that runs on a PC acting as a Server. It is a brilliantly cost effective business phone system in its own right, with free voicemail, 2 way call recording and screen-based phones. There's a wide choice of handsets and headsets. And the system can integrate with old-style business business phone systems too. Contact us for a demonstration of the system.

Free Calls

VOISpeed enables calls to be made to and from remote workers and other offices, free of charge, over broadband.

Zero Cabling using your existing IT network

Because it's a LAN based system, wherever you have a PC or network socket, you have a phone.

Computer Telephony Integration

VOISpeed can link to CRM software and now features integration with Outlook, too.
Have your customers details on screen as you open the call, no need to ask the customer for details, just verify the customer at the start of the call for Data Protection.

Broadband Telephony

Our new VoIP module allow calls to be made - and received, too, if appropriate, over broadband. You don't have to change your broadband supplier. This means that you can have more lines for free. You could reduce the number of phone lines you have or do away with them altogether and use virtual numbers from a suitable carrier. VOISpeed can link to CRM software and now features integration with Outlook, too.

An added bonus, VoIP calls to land lines are much less expensive!

ISPs, SIP Carriers, Channel Partners

Enquiries from channel partners are most welcome

V3 Module

The V3 Module is the heart of the VOISpeed Business Phone System! It enables all the core functions, some of which are listed below:

Unlimited Extensions
Screen-based phones (screen dialing)
FREE Voicemail
Call Centre Capabilities
Least Cost Routing - Via ISDN, mobile networks internal calling or broadband to a low cost carrier
2 way call recording
Instant Messaging
Built-in PA system
Caller Line Identification (requires activation from your line provider)
Free calls to home workers & remote offices over a broadband connection (Requires R-Client Licence)
IVR Platform / Auto Attendant
SIP Support (SIP License required)



Depending on how many lines you have into your business and remote workers connected to the system the cost varies. Please contact us for best pricing on supply and installation.

If you have a good specification PC on your network already then this would be ideal. If not, we can supply standard desktop or rack mounted units.

Prices for a basic system without a PC from 999 configured. Rackmount PCs from 600.

Ready to find out more.. Email us now with your requirements

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Why soft IP PBX?

You may be wondering why you would put a specialised item such as a IP PBX into a PC?

Well, a IP PBX is just a computer which has been designed to be a IP PBX. It uses unique (expensive cards) installed in to controller board within the main unit running unique (expensive) software. Should you need to add components such as voice mail, call divert, IVR's you'll have to purchase additional cards to fit in the box. The card you buy will be chosen or manufactured for your system. You will not be able to shop around for different brands and will be certainly tied to a high price. The same also goes should you need to change settings such as adding or removing a user, to do this usually means paying an engineer to visit your premises and reprogram the unit.

If you now think about it another way.. 

You have probably noticed in the last 4 to 5 years the price of computers has dropped due to mass market, high competition and better manufacturing. In using a PC, you will save a substantial amount of investment and adding a software IP PBX program to it.

So, instead of making a special box to be a IP PBX and writing software to run within it, why not just take an ordinary PC and write software to make it a IP PBX? This means that you are purchasing mass market products at prices that no hard IP PBX could match. Another reason is that hard IP PBX's are based on per user licencing which means, one extension, one licence.

With VOISpeed once you have purchased the IP PBX module you can add as many users as you wish for FREE. Voicemail, IVR's, call divert are all included in the main unit with the software and a lot cheaper to buy than a hardware card.

We are passionate about this system, we have seen them working.. We can see what it can do for your business whether large or small. It can and will grow with your business meaning your investment will be upgradeable by software indefinitely and will not get to an age where it should be replaced due to age or your company has outgrown it. When the PC needs upgrading to a newer faster one with more storage it will cost around 500 as apposed to over 4000 for a new hard IP PBX starter kit. Upgrade the PC and transfer the soft IP PBX settings across and you have a newer faster system as a fraction of the price.

The other main advantage is that being a PC it will be connected to your network. A soft IP PBX can send and receive calls via your broadband connection thus allowing you access to the many SIP providers for cheap calls. You can route outgoing calls for the best price at the time of day the calls is made. You can then add your home users as native extensions to your system. By using VPN, remote access and this system your employees can work at home like they were in the office when they could be anywhere on earth.

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Advantages over traditional PBX

There are so many advantages the VOISpeed IP business phone system has over a traditional office business phone system. The VOISpeed IP Business business phone system can out perform most tasks a PBX business phone system is capable of and more, here's just a few of them.


Computerised Business Phone System

The IP business phone system is a computerised business phone system so it has many advantages. Because it is software based it can be fully integrated with a database, this feature alone enables you to to integrate the IP business phone system with your customer database and allow automatic credit card processing as well as data handling. This feature is truly fantastic, Every time an existing customer phones their number is recognised or the receptionist types in their reference number and is instantly given the customers full history, displaying whatever information you want e.g. payment history and if monies are outstanding, when the call is forwarded so is the information. This type of function can also be integrated with a process ordering system so if a product is requested, the recipient knows how many are left and the system can automatically order more at the appropriate time.

Although this feature does not come with the VOISpeed IP business phone system and needs to be designed specifically for each company, it is where the real advantages are. If your interested in using this type of feature for your business you will need to find a database development company that have the skill set required.


Work from home

If you can't get into the office, simply log onto the system remotely from home. Your PC or laptop becomes a live extension of the system for you to carry on working as if you were in the office. Receive calls, and make calls internally and externally through your business IP PBX.


Conference business phone system

The VOISpeed IP business phone system can be used to make conference calls between as many persons as you like. As long as each person is logged on, all can be part of a conference call to outside of the IP phone network. 


Phone Answering System

The VOISpeed IP phone answering system is incredibly versatile. Each member of staff can set up and record their own personal message. When the receptionist answers a call from a customer requesting to speak with someone specific but they are not at their desk, they know by looking at the VCP that they are not available but can transfer the call anyway. This enables the customer to hear the voice message and leave their own message.

Now so far there is nothing here that a traditional business phone system could not do, but if enabled the IP business phone system will record the message and then send it to the recipient via email. This feature is simply great, if your away from the office you can keep up to date with what's going on and choose to answer the most important calls. In the future you will wonder who you ever copped with it.

Text Messaging

The text messaging feature on the VOISpeed IP business phone system is a great tool that lets you send text messages to anyone who is logged onto the phone network. The text messaging feature is fantastic, being able to quickly ask questions to people in other departments or on another call to get an answer without even leaving your desk, saves a lot of time and money.

Advanced business phone system

The VOISpeed IP Business business phone system is a very advanced business phone system. Because IP business phone systems use the latest available technology, traditional business phone systems don't stand a chance and will become the business business phone system of the past.

Software based business phone systems also have the advantage of not being limited to the original specifications, unlike traditional hardware based telephone systems. Being software based, the VOISpeed IP business phone system can be programmed and integrated with database programs to create a fully integrated office data handling solution.

Office Optimisation

The VOISpeed IP business phone system is one of the simplest business phone systems to configure and use, with some of its more basic features greatly enhancing the time and resources needed to perform certain tasks. The instant messaging alone can save plenty of time by keeping staff at their desks when requesting information from other staff members. One of my favourite features is the voicemail that automatically emails messages as soon they have been recorded, you receive an email notification, click on the link and the message is played.

Above are just some of the more basic features that help the day to day operations required working in an office. This advanced business phone system will not only save your business money because it is a more affordable option but when the amount of time saved is combined together, will drastically increase productivity.

Marketing Campaign Tracking

When running certain types of marketing campaigns, it can be almost impossible to accurately track there performance. With the VOISpeed IP business phone system you can set up a database that recognises different phone numbers so you can use different phone numbers for each marketing campaign. The VOISpeed IP business phone system database can then track the performance of each campaign, producing a report demonstrating the exact number of leads obtained. Combine this function into a order processing system and not only can tell what campaign has generated the most leads but which has converted the most sales. This type of functionality is worth its weight in gold and you are only limited by the expertise of the developer you use to construct such advanced features.

Advanced Business Phone System Development

The VOISpeed IP business phone system can basically be programmed to operate virtually any task imaginable, you are only limited by your imagination and ability of your chosen application developer. The business phone systems advanced features we used had been developed by Podium Solutions who have a dedicated team of expert database development consultants who construct bespoke programs to provide clients with tailor made IT solutions.

Advanced Features, if you can think of it, you can probably do it

The VOISpeed IP business phone system comes with many advanced features as standard that are far more advanced then traditional systems but combining the business phone system with a quality application developer is where your company will truly benefit and reap the rewards.    

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IP Business Phone System Features

There are so many features the VOISpeed IP business phone system has over a traditional Business business phone system. The VOISpeed IP business phone system can perform every task a IP PBX business phone system is capable of and more, here's just a few of them.

Switchboard business phone system

The VOISpeed IP business phone system has the ability to act as a switchboard with as many receptionists and users as you need. Simply select which persons you would like calls to be answered by e.g. your five receptionists and all incoming calls are directed to them. The IP business phone system can even let you choose things like how many times a persons phone rings before diverting to your next choice of recipient. If your first choice is busy, the IP business phone system automatically knows and diverts the call straight to your next choice. When the call is answered by your desired member of staff, they can forward the call to the desired department with just one click.


IP business phone system Virtual Control Panel

Because the main workings of the VOISpeed IP business phone system is software based, the majority of its functions are displayed on your PC screen. The VOISpeed IP business phone systems Virtual Control Panel (VCP) automatically pops up in a window on the users screen when a call is received. The VCP (picture below) is very simple to use and looks just like a traditional business phone system. Some of the phones and headsets available to use with the VOISpeed IP business phone system will also have some of the functions in-built. The VCP is where you access the IP business phone systems features and main controls. 

Adjusting things like sound and forwarding calls onto other members of staff or different departments can all be operated straight from the main VCP, as well as most other common functions you need.

More advanced options are accessed via a drop down menu, which is where you can change all of the advanced business phone system settings like who receives incoming calls, voice recording and auto attendant e.g. press one sales, press two for accounts etc.

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